N J Harrison Chiropody Podiatry Services
"I have been a customer of NJ Harrison Chiropody Services for 20 years, it is the only independent business I have used on a regular basis for that length of time. Primarily, because Nicola Harrison has provided a consistent high quality chiropody service that I’ve found has always put the customer first. Over the years I’ve suggested quite a few friends try her services, even when they have been using other chiropodists and they have all been impressed with the attention and service received from her. I’ve always experienced a thorough service but not one that has been time consuming, most important to me is the fact that my feet feel like they are walking on air at the end of every treatment. I’m very happy to recommend NJ Harrison Chiropody Services, I think it’s an excellent business." NJ "Nicola has provided a home visit chiropody service to me for around 15 years. As well as the convenience, Nicola is thoroughly professional and efficient in her work" SE "Nicky has been coming to my house now for 15 years and before that I suffered badly with ingrown toe nails, but not since Nicky has been treating my feet. She also attends to my mother who is 90 years old and suffers with dementia and trusts Nicky with the code to her home. She is a very friendly professional lady and we would not think of using anyone else." CB "I have been a client of Nicola Harrison for about 10 years now and like to think of her now as a friend. She always answers my plea for help when I need her, even on the occasions when I think it's an emergency. Never lets me down. Does a great job every time. My feet always feel wonderful and better afterwards. She is gentle but firm especially as I am ticklish. Nicola is the only person I allow to touch my feet. A very satisfied client." SC
CONTACT: N J Harrison PHONE: 0208 406 4484 MOBILE: 07966 470137 EMAIL: nomeanfeet@hotmail.co.uk